CHEVRON Packing is design for sealing rods, pistons and plungers in hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic presses. Extremely suitable for medium duty to heavy duty application. CHEVRON seal accepts low & high pressure, vigorous conditions & also if any misalignment between sealing gaps.

The distinctive and exclusive hinge-like action of each CHEVRON ring permits immediate reaction even to minor pressure changes. Each individual lip of CHEVRON packing set independently reacts to pressure and automatically effect a seal. The multiple lip configurations automatically distribute pressure and an effective seal along the shaft. The design of CHEVRON packing also permits an automatic reaction to pressure shock and overloads.

The seal is a combination of a Base seal, center V-Ring & pressure ring. The center ring is the main seal being flexible enough to retain high & low pressure, whereas the base seal support the center ring from getting extruded against high pressures.  The pressure ring helps in retaining the center ring profile& distributing pressure equally.

Multi-piece CHEVRON seals set made up of (1+3+1) one Base ring, one or three V-Seals and one pressure ring. & also available extra Center Rings to adjust Groove Height

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